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Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse Right On

We can and we should do better than this. It’s predictable now that every confirmation hearing is going to be an overblown, politicized circus. And it’s because we’ve accepted a bad new theory about how our three branches of government should work.

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America After 2018

America After 2018 -Unsure Today in America nothing was solved showing this country will still be around in 2020. Although through action of Trump, we have turned a corner toward maintaining a portion of our Sovereignty, there is much to do on our borders, our trade policies, and how we treat our own people. We […]

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2018 and 2020

The president announced that his 2020 campaign slogan will be “Keep America Great.” He called himself and his supporters “the super-elites,” and in an apparent appeal to women voters, invited three female advisers to join him on stage — White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, and Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel.

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Century Chess Game

Today, without question, Trump is King in this chess game. The relentless daily onslaught of arrows requires an armored plated skin only #trump has from his years as a business tycoon and the wisdom of years of manipulating the political class. He knows their game and is slowly checking each move made.

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America-in-2020 Opinions and Reviews

Illegal Trials

Whether you agree or disagree with what the Bundy’s did, one thing for certain, this was instigated by people high government for reasons not to be constitutional. We now know Harry wanted to put a solar farm on the BLM Land. And it appears they are trying to get Bundy’s Ranch too.

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Pray for America

God’s battle continues. Hillary is back!

This website is full of reasons why not to elect Hillary Clinton. But as I was reminded today from talk show while on the road, half of this nation believes she is good for America even with all this baggage and history of corruption. So if Trump does win, it will take a revival to bring together this nation

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Internet Theft

SSL Good or Control

Government needs to control all SSL because it’s Security of our nations data. This is forensic information that can help law enforce to keep our data safe.
And Why was the US Post Office removed from being an ssl distributing agency. They are ideal for creating and distributing SSL?
•We need Laws to enforce constitutional rights on all social media.
•We need laws that protect our data and the individuals being mowed down by Corporations.
•And we need antitrust laws enforced.

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stein clinton crying

Russian Hacking

I say the media Lied for Hillary Clinton. Did they produce Fake News. Yes, we had so much misrepresentation by the Medias above, that many of us turn off the TV News at night and found other sources. The Garbage that came across the TV was truely Garbage and as rotten as it gets.

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Freedom of Press is dying

Crackdown Freedom of Speech

From what I can see, conservative news is fake news based on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. There has been no investigation into things like Project Veritas and the tons of WikiLeaks data and other stories reprinted by conservative news groups. These don’t merit true Journalism.So what can we say? Has social media and search engine gods created more or less freedom of the press. -danwillie

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